Pastor Steve's Bio

Pastor Steve Misarski, has been married to Jan for almost 30 years and they have four children, Jonathan-27 years, Samuel-17 years, Bethany-14 years, and Mariah-11 years. They have resided in Millbury MA for 14 years. They are native New Englanders, yet love exploring other parts of the US and enjoy experiencing other cultures from around the world.

Pastor Steve is third generation American-born person of Polish descent mixed with some German and English stock. Jan is from Russian-Jewish descent.

Pastor Steve has been in pastoral ministry for 27 years having served churches in Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. He is also an Air Force National Guard Chaplain. Having served in the military for 20 years, he holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Jan and Steve also serve together in a national marriage ministry.

Pastor Steve came to faith in High School and began to grow in his faith at Wesleyan University, Middletown CT. There he served as a student leader of the local chapter of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. After he completed his degree in Environmental Science, he answered a call to ministry by attending Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, South Hamilton, MA. He trained to become a missionary to the Middle East but gradually refined his call by focusing on equipping believers to become World Christians. He has seen many disciples serve in missions throughout his ministry.

Steve loves to sing, play guitar, read, collect rocks, run, hike, bike and generally be outside in God’s creation. He traveled and served the Lord in Egypt, Iraq, Mexico, Canada, Armenia and Ghana. He loves singing, talking and eating in that order. He love trying the foods of various  cultures.

Steve is committed to developing a multi-ethnic congregation that appreciates and respects cultural identities as they live out authentic Christian community together.