Service Opportunities

1. An Adult Tech Support for the Worship Team
We need an adult who is technically talented to supervise the technical equipments. He/she will need to understand the works of all the equipments and to help run the tech team. One of the reasons we need this is that the youth that are running the tech support at this moment will soon go off to college in a couple of years.

2. Communion 
This service is for the first Sunday of the month only. Requires the person to come around 9:15am to set up communion trays. Set up the communion table in the front. After communion, to put table and trays back. Remove all used cups from the aisle.

3. Coffee Hour
Set up and monitor the sign up sheet. Send reminder to volunteers. Purchase supplies. Forks and napkins can be replenished from the kitchen. Supplies include: sugar packets, creamers, tea bags, coffee, hot chocolate mix, plates, cups, and seasonal table coverings. And also to make sure the room is clean up afterward - things put back in storage, vaccum, empty and clean up both pots, empty trash etc....

3. Caring and Outreach
Help set up meal plans. Remind volunteers if necessary. Send flowers. Preparing cards for birthdays, baptism, new born, illness, sympathy etc....Also plans for congregational activities such as church camping, Christmas/Thanksgiving Dinners, baptism celebrations etc....

4. Welcome Committee
This needs a team to coordinate with caring and outreach. Responsibilities include setting up a welcome package, greet new comers, acquire new comer contact information and visitation if necessary.

5. Offering Usher Leader
Responsibilities include forming ushers team for offering each Sunday. Team must be an adult and a youth member. Collection will be counted after service by at least two people. All checks and offerings in envelopes can be put directly into offering box. Only the cash are counted. These will be put into an envelope you label as "cash offering from LifeLight + date" then sealed and put into offering box.